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?an authentic movie about China or the Middle East or Boston, is that if y

ou put a lot of knowledgeable people in front of and behind the camera, they will tell you, ‘亚博体育ios版夜网女神会所

Hey, I think this is a little off’ or ‘I think you can improve a little there…,'” he explained.

亚博体育ios版夜网Disney takes its mission to make universally-accessible and cu

lturally-accurate movies very seriously, as evidenced by the popular stories of dive

rse cultures they have brought to the big screen, such as “Mulan,” “Coco,” “Moana,” and “Aladdin.”亚博体育ios版夜网

Alan Horn, co-chairman and chief creative officer of The Walt Disney Stu

dios, said, “In today’s social media environment, we get a lot of feedback. And we

l亚博体育ios版夜网女神会所isten to it. We are aware of the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse of what happening out there.”

Bailey also assured the press, “We do a lot of work on the front end to be as smart about it as we can and populate the p

roduction as well as we can with knowledgeable people亚博体育ios版夜网 in front of and behind the camera.”

He added, clearly enthusiastic about Disney’s productions, “I love when these movies go

out in the world … I love the values and the stories and impact they have on a huge audience.”亚博体育ios版夜网

Horn pointed out audiences have a certain expectation of the Disney brand, no matter what culture they depict, “Aud

ences may not always know what they are going to see, but they know what they are not going to see. The Disney brand c亚博体育ios版夜网女神会所

onveys a certain responsibility to the public to parents and families, to make them feel safe.”

When asked if Disney has any plans to do more Chinese stories, Horn told Xin亚博体育ios版夜网

hua, “The China market is obviously a large and important one and we care about the C

hinese people and their history and traditions, so we will certainly continue to explo

re what other 亚博体育ios版夜网女神会所Chinese stories and legends might have universal appeal that we could bring to the screen.”

He chuckled, “We could run out of Marvel stories, so we are interested in sto

ries from all over the world that can show us something different and special.”